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102 Finance&Taxes High 98 Open Dec 2 2014 9:19AM Varatharajan All Indians   .. 1
Develop the Business in India
India need to become the best place for Investment in the entire world . All Indians need to work hard in order to achieve this dream goal.
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India’s S&P BSE Sensex has soared 35 per cent this year, closing at a record 54 times in 2014, ... India’s economy, boosting profits at companies ranging from banks to cement makers. is detailed report available...   

52 Finance&Taxes High 75 Open Apr 10 2014 1:57PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Simplification of the tax
Rationalization and simplification of the tax regime - which is currently repulsive for honest tax payers.Simplification of the processes and procedures at all levels - bestowing faith in the citizens, institutions and establishments.

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