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107 Health&FamilyWelfare Critical 80 Open Jul 27 2015 1:44PM Amit Kumar government   ..
primary health centre and pregnancy registration
Every gram panchayat (in which there are 2 to 7 villages) should be having a primary health centre where basic health facility should be available and everyone should be geting integrated treatment.for that,this centre should be modern.what treatment is given should be noted online and payment will be made directly from person's acgount.Next,in this centre ,there should be a pregnancy department.every woman living in that panchyat area will be registered immediately after knowing that she is pregnant.then periodically checkup will be done,neccesary food will be provided, neccesary advice will be given about what she should do and what she should not.etc .if this happens then i strongly believe that child death rate will decrease and would become zero after sometime.Sarkar ka yeh pran ho sachcha,Kuposad se na mare ek bhi bachcha.

92 Health&FamilyWelfare High 94 Open May 20 2014 6:17AM yogitha maile Population Department   .. 1
Strict Rules To Control Population.
Every problems like poverty, rise in prices,unemployment, lack of good quality and natural agriculture,problem of space, over construction, global warming faced by our country is due to population. so if population is under control our future generation will able to live atleast confortable life during their life span.... so strict population control should be application by taking measures like applying high fine or charging high prices on whatever expenses incurred for the second child and no birth certificare should be issued beyond first child.The Government should be very strict. todays generation will follow the rules because every educated person is aware about the world and what happening in its an humble request to please apply some rules for population control for a happy future...
Task Actions
strict rules, high fine. no facilities for second child and above. no issue of birth certificate after first child.   

49 Health&FamilyWelfare High 80 Open Apr 4 2014 4:53AM Varatharajan Government   ..
Government Hospitals
Number of Government Hospitals and the standards need to be increased...

69 Health&FamilyWelfare High 75 Open Apr 10 2014 2:26PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Yoga and Ayurveda
Yoga and Ayurveda are the gifts of ancient Indian civilization to humanity and we will increase the public investment to promote Yoga and AYUSH. We will start integrated courses for Indian System of Medicine (ISM) and modern science and Ayurgenomics. We will set up institutions and launch a vigorous program to standardize and validate the Ayurvedic medicine.

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