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14 Infrastructure Critical 98 Open Mar 5 2014 5:08PM Varatharajan All Indians   .. 3
Standard of Living and Clean up India
Great standard of living for ALL ... Clean up the entire Nation .... All the Indians should start Cleaning up India ... Wherever problems are actions should be taken ...
Task Actions
The Entire Nation need to be cleaned up...   
Clean up India Process was started by Honorable Prime Minister of India shri Narendra Modi. And All Indians should start cleaning up the environment ..   
Good to know that Oct 2nd as the India Cleaning Up Start Date ... Let us clean the entire Nation.... Not only for Government Employees ... Let the entire country start cleaning up the things...   

3 Infrastructure Critical 85 Open Mar 5 2014 4:15PM Varatharajan Highways Department of India   ..
Highway Development
National Highway Development Project need to be completed for all the Major Cities and extended to all the rural areas...

36 Infrastructure Critical 85 Open Mar 12 2014 3:51PM Varatharajan Government   Tamil Nadu ..
SethuSamudram Project
Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project is a proposed project that would link Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannar between India and Sri Lanka by creating a shipping channel through the shallow sea called Sethusamudram and through a chain of islands collectively called Adam's Bridge, Ramar Palam and similar names. This would provide a continuously navigable sea route in and around the Indian Peninsula. The project involves digging a 44.9 nautical miles (51.7 mi; 83.2 km) long deepwater channel linking the shallow Palk Strait with the Gulf of Mannar. Conceived as early as 1860 by Alfred Dundas Taylor, it recently received approval of the Indian government, which plans to break the limestone shoals of Adam's Bridge as part of this project. If SethuSamudram Project is completed the number of ships coming and leaving Tuticorin Port will increase , by which economic development in southern TamilNadu will increase,employment opportunities will go up,Journey time will reduce, Fuel will be saved and as a whole TamilNadu will be benefitted to a a very great extent.

46 Infrastructure Critical 85 Open Mar 12 2014 4:10PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)
Government should take all necessary steps to implement Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) throughout the Country.

70 Infrastructure Critical 85 Open Apr 10 2014 2:26PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Scientific sewage and waste management
Modern, scientific sewage and waste management systems need to be incorporated across the country.

47 Infrastructure Critical 75 Open Mar 12 2014 4:10PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Water Transport - HoverCraft
India is covered with Sea. And Government should take suitable steps for implementing the Hovercraft Project which is pollution free transport facility for increasing the transport facilities across India. All the Possible routes need to be found and shipping can be Used in a very constructive manner.

51 Corruption High 97 Open Apr 10 2014 1:54PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Technology enabled e-Governance - minimizing the discretion in the citizen-government interface. System-based, policy-driven governance - making it transparent.Corruption can be greatly reduced by eGovernance...

82 Infrastructure High 88 Open Apr 10 2014 3:10PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Gas Grids
Set up Gas Grids to make gas available to households and industry

83 Infrastructure High 88 Open Apr 10 2014 3:13PM Varatharajan Government   ..
High speed Train Network
High Speed Train network need to be launched and all major cities need to be connected.

53 Infrastructure High 80 Open Apr 10 2014 1:57PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Flood control in Assam
Address the issue of Flood control in Assam and river water management.

39 Infrastructure High 75 Open Mar 12 2014 4:03PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Kolachal PORT
Kolachal is a Natural Port in TamilNadu. With Increasing world trade and full usage of Singapore and Colombo ports, multi-national ships are facing difficulties and loss without space for anchoring ships. To face increasing cargo ship transport Kolachal port has become very necessary. According to the study undertaken by the TamilNadu Government few years back, as the sea is deep enough for shipping near the port the Kolachal port can be developed into an international Port without much expenditure.This port will serve as a Gateway for nations in the east and west. Hence Immediate steps need to be taken for forming Kolachal Port.

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