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21 Law&Justice Critical 98 Open Mar 7 2014 2:03PM Varatharajan All Indians   ..
Law and order - Lokpal / Lok Ayuktha
Law and order need to be very strict. Lokpal / Lok Ayuktha need to be Implemented throughtout India in All Levels . All the Criminals should be punished Very Severely ... All can write the Actions on this.... Team Anna has already did lot of work on this ... When are we going to Implement this across India ? All Government Officials will fall within the purview of the investigation of the Lokpal. Public officials of the Union Government will be required to furnish annual declaration of assets. Any undeclared assets will be liable for confiscation. Public Official found guilty of corruption would be removed from their position and sentenced to prison.Their property need to be confiscated. Time bound investigation and trial need to be introduced in cases of corruption. Whistleblowers need to be protected and rewarded for their contribution.

59 Law&Justice Critical 85 Open Apr 10 2014 2:14PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Reform Justice System
Reform the criminal justice system to make dispensation of justice simpler, quicker and more effective and after examining the recommendations of the earlier reports on this subject.

60 Law&Justice Critical 85 Open Apr 10 2014 2:14PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Fast track courts
Extend fast track courts to all layers of the judiciary.

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