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93 Power&Energy Critical 94 Open May 29 2014 11:29AM Prajjal Government (State and Center)   ..
Coal should not be imported
We have the third largest coal reserve in the world, yet we import most of the coal needed for use. This should be changed as fast as possible. Advanced equipment should be bought in to dig out the coal faster and meet demands which is the major problem. Also we can export coal to gain revenue, once our country's need is completed. Also the people involved in the responsibility of coal mining should do their job transparently.

4 Power&Energy High 90 Open Mar 5 2014 4:17PM Varatharajan Electricity Board,Government   ..
Power Generation
Uninterrupted supply power, gas, telephone, water need to be ensured. All the Villages should have Water and Electricity. Solar Energy / Wind /Tidal / Atomic Energy which ever is the best source of Generation... need to be discussed and new Power generation Units need to be Implemented in Huge Volume ....

58 Power&Energy High 85 Open Apr 10 2014 2:02PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Reduce Transmission Losses
Use technology to reduce Transmission and distribution losses.

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