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37 Science&Technology High 75 Open Mar 12 2014 4:00PM Varatharajan Government   Tamil Nadu ..
Second Rocket Launching Cetre
ISRO has announced setting up its second launching centre project in 12th Five Year Plan. A Committee has also been constituted to select a site for the new launching centre. As expenditure in launching rockets will be considerably redcued in setting up launching centre in KulasekaraPattinam on the basis of the weight of the satellite launched and distance and expenses in taking to the launching site and about 40,000 persons will get employment opportunities.

38 Science&Technology High 70 Open Mar 12 2014 4:01PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Indian Space Liquid Propulsion System Centre
There are only a very few experts in Space and liquid propulsion field. As the Liquid Propulsion Technology Centre will be special institute with capacity for courses relating to designing of aircrafts and helicopters, Creation of ultra speed aircrafts and space technology researches, with the establishment of this centre opportunities will be created for the shaping of a lot of students as scientists.

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