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110 MyAreaProblems High 90 Open Jul 28 2015 12:50AM Anonymous Gram Panchayat Doddaballapur   Karnataka ..
so many villages comes under dodballapur taluk ..there is no proper drinking water facility
Honnadevipura one of the villages located in Dodballapur taluk, Madhure (kanasavadi) hobali, around 40 to 50 houses are there. Only one borewell supplying water to public. There is no overtank facility. More over only 4 hours 3 phase power will be available per day. For 7 houses 1 tap provided. The oldage people are not able to store the water due to queue due to electricity problem. My suggestion is atleast provide 1 tap for 3 houses or give overtank facility from the gram panchayat, so that it will be helpful for the public to overcome from the inconvenience.

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