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35 River Linking Critical 88 Open Mar 11 2014 2:00PM Varatharajan Government   Delhi ..
Interlinking of the rivers
The interlinking of the rivers Ganga, Tungabhadra, Krishna and Cauvery will bring prosperity to India and foster the spirit of national integration. Though 66 years have passed since India attained independence, no effective action has been taken for the interlinking of rivers. Though there are many perennial rivers in the North of the Country, they do not benefit agriculture in the Southern States. While one part of the Country faces floods, storms and other natural disasters, another part of the Country 2 5 faces the regular spectre of drought. If all of India is to be prosperous, we must enact legislation to enable the harmonious inter-basin transfer of surplus waters from one part of the Country to another for the overall benefit of all the States in the country. The State and Central Government need to take necessary action for the nationalisation and interlinking of rivers.

29 River Linking High 72 Open Mar 11 2014 1:54PM Varatharajan   ..
Cauvery Issue
Even after the notification of the Final Award of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal on 19.2.2013 by publication in the Government of India Gazette due to the herculean efforts of Tamil Nadu Government, no action has been taken to form the Cauvery Management Board as envisaged in the Final Award, thereby favouring Karnataka;

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