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20 Developed India Critical 80 Open Mar 7 2014 1:58PM Varatharajan All Indians   .. 1
United Developed India
Political stability is the first Key for a Developed Country... We have Thousands of Political Parties in India. And All parties are trying to pull on different directions. We all have to Join together and form a Powerful Government and we have to form a "United Developed India". Electioncommision need to take steps to join all political parties and finalize the methods to select service representatives for each constituency. And if people are not satisfied with the representatives performance then they should be replaced... By this process we can completely eliminate expenses for Elections ( central and state) ... All Indians will be united and will work towards a single goal... When focussed the efficiency will go high...
Task Actions
Atleast for the next 5 Years we got a stable Central Government ... So i am moving this task little bit lower ... However when we implement all Indians are United and that is the day in which we will really achieve huge tasks ...   

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