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15 Food&PublicDistribution Critical 99 Open Mar 5 2014 5:11PM Varatharajan All Indians   .. 3
All Indians Should have Basic Needs...
Make sure that all Indians have sufficient Food and Place to Live... I understand that State & Central Governments are working on giving food on low rates for this purpose ... But make sure that the Distribution system is Perfectly working in all states ... why only farmers are growing food? Everyone should grow food wherever they can rooftop to the balcony, every single space should be utilized to grow fruits or vegetables. We need to Increase the Productivity very high ... This will really help India to Develop at faster rate...
Task Actions
That's very good point yuo made distribution systems have a lot of corruptions which causing a lot of poors to able to eat once in whole dark .   
That's very good point yuo made distribution systems have a lot of corruptions which causing a lot of poors to able to eat once in whole dark .   
Central Government has started steps to resove this huge task ...   

6 Black Money Critical 98 Open Mar 5 2014 4:19PM Varatharajan All Indians   .. 1
Bring all the Black Money from Abroad
We have to bring all the Black Money from Abroad ... All those who know about the details, can openly enter here to help all the black Money from abroad.Give all the proofs and all those who have black money in overseas should be brought to India. is the url where you will find list of actions need to be taken ...
Task Actions
Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed to handle the black money issue. Former Supreme Court judge Justice M B Shah is to head the Special Investigation Team (SIT) into the black money issue, Shah said he would be firm in dealing with big political and corporate personalities if they are found to be involved in stashing away black money in foreign banks. “I have worked for many years as a judge – 15 years as a high court judge and then five years as a Supreme Court judge. I have never bothered about personalities and nobody has dared to touch me. It is as good as that. Do not worry about it,” he said. He was asked how he would deal with the issue when big corporate and political personalities are said to be involved in stashing unaccounted wealth overseas.   

14 Infrastructure Critical 98 Open Mar 5 2014 5:08PM Varatharajan All Indians   .. 3
Standard of Living and Clean up India
Great standard of living for ALL ... Clean up the entire Nation .... All the Indians should start Cleaning up India ... Wherever problems are actions should be taken ...
Task Actions
The Entire Nation need to be cleaned up...   
Clean up India Process was started by Honorable Prime Minister of India shri Narendra Modi. And All Indians should start cleaning up the environment ..   
Good to know that Oct 2nd as the India Cleaning Up Start Date ... Let us clean the entire Nation.... Not only for Government Employees ... Let the entire country start cleaning up the things...   

35 River Linking Critical 88 Open Mar 11 2014 2:00PM Varatharajan Government   Delhi ..
Interlinking of the rivers
The interlinking of the rivers Ganga, Tungabhadra, Krishna and Cauvery will bring prosperity to India and foster the spirit of national integration. Though 66 years have passed since India attained independence, no effective action has been taken for the interlinking of rivers. Though there are many perennial rivers in the North of the Country, they do not benefit agriculture in the Southern States. While one part of the Country faces floods, storms and other natural disasters, another part of the Country 2 5 faces the regular spectre of drought. If all of India is to be prosperous, we must enact legislation to enable the harmonious inter-basin transfer of surplus waters from one part of the Country to another for the overall benefit of all the States in the country. The State and Central Government need to take necessary action for the nationalisation and interlinking of rivers.

46 Infrastructure Critical 85 Open Mar 12 2014 4:10PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)
Government should take all necessary steps to implement Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) throughout the Country.

20 Developed India Critical 80 Open Mar 7 2014 1:58PM Varatharajan All Indians   .. 1
United Developed India
Political stability is the first Key for a Developed Country... We have Thousands of Political Parties in India. And All parties are trying to pull on different directions. We all have to Join together and form a Powerful Government and we have to form a "United Developed India". Electioncommision need to take steps to join all political parties and finalize the methods to select service representatives for each constituency. And if people are not satisfied with the representatives performance then they should be replaced... By this process we can completely eliminate expenses for Elections ( central and state) ... All Indians will be united and will work towards a single goal... When focussed the efficiency will go high...
Task Actions
Atleast for the next 5 Years we got a stable Central Government ... So i am moving this task little bit lower ... However when we implement all Indians are United and that is the day in which we will really achieve huge tasks ...   

51 Corruption High 97 Open Apr 10 2014 1:54PM Varatharajan Government   ..
Technology enabled e-Governance - minimizing the discretion in the citizen-government interface. System-based, policy-driven governance - making it transparent.Corruption can be greatly reduced by eGovernance...

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