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Task ID 92
Description Every problems like poverty, rise in prices,unemployment, lack of good quality and natural agriculture,problem of space, over construction, global warming faced by our country is due to population. so if population is under control our future generation will able to live atleast confortable life during their life span.... so strict population control should be application by taking measures like applying high fine or charging high prices on whatever expenses incurred for the second child and no birth certificare should be issued beyond first child.The Government should be very strict. todays generation will follow the rules because every educated person is aware about the world and what happening in its an humble request to please apply some rules for population control for a happy future...
Status : Open,   Priority : High,  Rating Points : 94,   Assigned To : Population Department
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May 20 2014 6:18AM yogitha maile
strict rules, high fine. no facilities for second child and above. no issue of birth certificate after first child.

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Rating May 27 2014 11:14AM Varatharajan
NewValue : 94 OldValue : 100