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Task ID 130
Description by my opinion,educated people is the requirement of a developing nation to become a developed it is very important issue.The standard of our education system is very critical.The important topic is that the education as per government rules is not follow by colleges and many of colleges not takes right attendence of students.some colleges makes education institutes only for money instead to give a good quality education,these institutes make it proffesional. This topic also comprises some other of social issues as when students are absentee from colleges,they accomodate molestation incidents outside the institutes which is the first term of training of a criminal.we can say that this would be the born of a criminal,after that they fight with others by some edging blades and other weapons to maintain their pomp.of if we take concern about the practicals handled in institutes,they only complete the formalities but not in real.means to say practicals are handled partially or even not partial in some that the students of these colleges not have the practical knowledge due to this they rejected everywhere they apply for jobs because of lack of practical knowledge. remidies - to the colleges time to time. 2.biometric attendence
Status : Open,   Priority : High,  Rating Points : 80,   Assigned To : prime minister
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