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Description I like to see India as a developed nation by 2022 so that it is to compete with other nations . I want to live in a developed nation . If I take out my feeling so its all about dream that I want to live in a developed nation with a great humanity a life of unity and dignity with my family member I want to see India as developed as Japan, China , America as it is the basic power of truth . My dream to live in developed India and thought it would become truth by a good government . Truthly I saw that in beginning I don't like BJP at first but today if i see they are doing all about India not to be corrupted and becoming developed day by day the action which is cause by the government like 100 smart and developed cities friendly to foreign and neighbouring countries . I am to see India to take part in developing of nation. I only want to see India a developed nation making it expensive as a nation like Japan , America where people is living a life of dignity and happiness if I thought about that I feel happy that one day India would like to be as them a beautiful , a developed , a happy nation . I don't like the images of rural India that the sites are showing small roofed house with dirty place in rural when I search 'rural India' but feel jealous when write 'rural Japan' they are so developed as they are small developed cities I felt jealous they developed spontaneously as compared to developing India . I only think that 'Does India become developed as I thought as peoples of India thought' may be yes , But when , But when
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