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United Developed India is a movement for making India as a Developed Country.
All Indians join together... List all our Tasks... Resolve All... Achieve Developed Nation...
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1 Food&PublicDistribution Critical 99 Open Mar 5 2014 5:11PM Varatharajan All Indians  
All Indians Should have Basic Needs...  
Make sure that all Indians have sufficient Food and Place to Live... I understand that State & Central Governments are working on giving food on low rates for this purpose ... But make sure that the Distribution system is Perfectly working in all states ... why only farmers are growing food? Everyone should grow food wherever they can rooftop to the balcony, every single space should be utilized to grow fruits or vegetables. We need to Increase the Productivity very high ... This will really help India to Develop at faster rate...
2 Black Money Critical 98 Open Mar 5 2014 4:19PM Varatharajan All Indians  
Bring all the Black Money from Abroad  
We have to bring all the Black Money from Abroad ... All those who know about the details, can openly enter here to help all the black Money from abroad.Give all the proofs and all those who have black money in overseas should be brought to India. is the url where you will find list of actions need to be taken ...
3 Infrastructure Critical 98 Open Mar 5 2014 5:08PM Varatharajan All Indians  
Standard of Living and Clean up India  
Great standard of living for ALL ... Clean up the entire Nation .... All the Indians should start Cleaning up India ... Wherever problems are actions should be taken ...
4 Law&Justice Critical 98 Open Mar 7 2014 2:03PM Varatharajan All Indians  
Law and order - Lokpal / Lok Ayuktha  
Law and order need to be very strict. Lokpal / Lok Ayuktha need to be Implemented throughtout India in All Levels . All the Criminals should be punished Very Severely ... All can write the Actions on this.... Team Anna has already did lot of work on this ... When are we going to Implement this across India ? All Government Officials will fall within the purview of the investigation of the Lokpal. Public officials of the Union Government will be required to furnish annual declaration of assets. Any undeclared assets will be liable for confiscation. Public Official found guilty of corruption would be removed from their position and sentenced to prison.Their property need to be confiscated. Time bound investigation and trial need to be introduced in cases of corruption. Whistleblowers need to be protected and rewarded for their contribution.
5 Finance&Taxes High 98 Open Dec 2 2014 9:19AM Varatharajan All Indians  
Develop the Business in India  
India need to become the best place for Investment in the entire world . All Indians need to work hard in order to achieve this dream goal.
6 Corruption High 97 Open Apr 10 2014 1:54PM Varatharajan Government  
Technology enabled e-Governance - minimizing the discretion in the citizen-government interface. System-based, policy-driven governance - making it transparent.Corruption can be greatly reduced by eGovernance...
7 Agriculture Critical 95 Open Mar 5 2014 9:15PM Varatharajan All Farmers  
Develop Agriculture  
Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is unquestionably the largest livelihood provider in India, more so in the vast rural areas. It also contributes a significant figure to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Sustainable agriculture, in terms of food security, rural employment, and environmentally sustainable technologies such as soil conservation, sustainable natural resource management and biodiversity protection, are essential for holistic rural development. Indian agriculture and allied activities have witnessed a green revolution, a white revolution, a yellow revolution and a blue revolution.
8 Health&FamilyWelfare High 94 Open May 20 2014 6:17AM yogitha maile Population Department  
Strict Rules To Control Population.  
Every problems like poverty, rise in prices,unemployment, lack of good quality and natural agriculture,problem of space, over construction, global warming faced by our country is due to population. so if population is under control our future generation will able to live atleast confortable life during their life span.... so strict population control should be application by taking measures like applying high fine or charging high prices on whatever expenses incurred for the second child and no birth certificare should be issued beyond first child.The Government should be very strict. todays generation will follow the rules because every educated person is aware about the world and what happening in its an humble request to please apply some rules for population control for a happy future...
9 Power&Energy Critical 94 Open May 29 2014 11:29AM Prajjal Government (State and Center)  
Coal should not be imported  
We have the third largest coal reserve in the world, yet we import most of the coal needed for use. This should be changed as fast as possible. Advanced equipment should be bought in to dig out the coal faster and meet demands which is the major problem. Also we can export coal to gain revenue, once our country's need is completed. Also the people involved in the responsibility of coal mining should do their job transparently.
10 ForeignAffairs Critical 93 Open Mar 7 2014 2:33PM Varatharajan Government of India  
Foreign Policy  
We are fighting with neighbours for various unknown reasons ... Why cant we give all those things and start trading with them ? This will actually help both countries to develop a lot... China has been intensifying its border transgressions; terrorists and militants have been active along the Line of Control in Kashmir with support from the Pakistan Army, and the Sri Lankan Navy has been committing excesses against Indian fishermen. The Government's firm stance is that to preserve the security and integrity of India, long standing border disputes with other countries should be resolved. The Government need to work to secure a permanent seat for India in the United Nations Security Council. The Foreign policy of the Country should not hurt the interests of the States in the Country. Hence, the interests of the States will be kept in mind while formulating foreign policy.
11 Power&Energy High 90 Open Mar 5 2014 4:17PM Varatharajan Electricity Board,Government  
Power Generation  
Uninterrupted supply power, gas, telephone, water need to be ensured. All the Villages should have Water and Electricity. Solar Energy / Wind /Tidal / Atomic Energy which ever is the best source of Generation... need to be discussed and new Power generation Units need to be Implemented in Huge Volume ....
12 RuralDevelopment High 90 Open Mar 5 2014 4:17PM Varatharajan Central and State Governments  
Modal village  
Develop a Modal village and make this village into the best. and Make all the remaining villages and follow the standards...
13 PrimeMinister Critical 90 Open Sep 18 2014 10:28AM akshay  
Made in INDIA  
Supporting unemployed to take step into own business and provide facilities that they need to make all products from toy in hands of baby to missile with soldiers as MADE IN INDIA JAI HIND
14 Education High 90 Open Jul 27 2015 1:19PM Amit Kumar government  
(3/4)th system of education  
In this type of system,a board will decide the the syllabus for two month.After two month ,a pannel will come and a test will be organised.If 3/4th students are able to pass the predecided cutoff then only next chapters will be teached otherwise next one month same thing will be teached and after one month again test will be organised.accordingly actions will be taken to teachers.this way lazy behaviour of teachers in school can be improved and teachers will be more attentive to students.
15 MyAreaProblems High 90 Open Jul 28 2015 12:50AM Anonymous Gram Panchayat Doddaballapur   Karnataka
so many villages comes under dodballapur taluk ..there is no proper drinking water facility  
Honnadevipura one of the villages located in Dodballapur taluk, Madhure (kanasavadi) hobali, around 40 to 50 houses are there. Only one borewell supplying water to public. There is no overtank facility. More over only 4 hours 3 phase power will be available per day. For 7 houses 1 tap provided. The oldage people are not able to store the water due to queue due to electricity problem. My suggestion is atleast provide 1 tap for 3 houses or give overtank facility from the gram panchayat, so that it will be helpful for the public to overcome from the inconvenience.
16 Commerce Critical 90 Open Jan 31 2016 8:11PM Tushar Patil all indians  
We must not buy any products of foreign companies because it will flow our money in that country due to which Indian companies are closing.for ex-if you want to buy a two wheeler then buy it of companies like hero,bajaj,mahindra,etc.of Indian companies instead of Honda,yamaha and so on.If you are thinking about standard of Indian products then they are of great standard than that bloody European products . India has a great technology , money but if we buy that foreign country products then I have a suggestion to all Indians that don't see a dream of a developed I am ending my message to all indians
17 PrimeMinister Critical 90 Invalid Jan 29 2017 11:47AM MUKESH KUMAR prime minister  
to meliorate the level of education  
by my opinion,educated people is the requirement of a developing nation to become a developed it is very important issue.The standard of our education system is very critical.The important topic is that the education as per government rules is not follow by colleges and many of colleges not takes right attendence of students.some colleges makes education institutes only for money instead to give a good quality education,these institutes make it proffesional. This topic also comprises some other of social issues as when students are absentee from colleges,they accomodate molestation incidents outside the institutes which is the first term of training of a criminal.we can say that this would be the born of a criminal,after that they fight with others by some edging blades and other weapons to maintain their pomp.of if we take concern about the practicals handled in institutes,they only complete the formalities but not in real.means to say practicals are handled partially or even not partial in some that the students of these colleges not have the practical knowledge due to this they rejected everywhere they apply for jobs because of lack of practical knowledge. remidies - to the colleges time to time. 2.biometric attendence
18 River Linking Critical 88 Open Mar 11 2014 2:00PM Varatharajan Government   Delhi
Interlinking of the rivers  
The interlinking of the rivers Ganga, Tungabhadra, Krishna and Cauvery will bring prosperity to India and foster the spirit of national integration. Though 66 years have passed since India attained independence, no effective action has been taken for the interlinking of rivers. Though there are many perennial rivers in the North of the Country, they do not benefit agriculture in the Southern States. While one part of the Country faces floods, storms and other natural disasters, another part of the Country 2 5 faces the regular spectre of drought. If all of India is to be prosperous, we must enact legislation to enable the harmonious inter-basin transfer of surplus waters from one part of the Country to another for the overall benefit of all the States in the country. The State and Central Government need to take necessary action for the nationalisation and interlinking of rivers.
19 PrimeMinister Critical 88 Open Mar 12 2014 4:07PM Varatharajan Prime Minister and Central Minister  
Control Price Rise  
Fixing prices of petroleum has been entrusted to oil producing Companies , those companies with profit motive are raising the prices of petrol,diesel and cooking gas every month . Due to the monthly increase , people are facing a lot of difficulties. Hence
20 ElectionCommission High 88 Open Apr 10 2014 2:15PM Varatharajan Election Commission and President  
Assembly and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously  
Assembly and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously. This will reduce the expenses and people will select same team for center and state . And this will help in improving the relationship between state and central.

  • Great standard of living for ALL
  • Highly developed economy
  • Advanced technological infrastructure
  • Everybody should have Good water, Food, Place to Live, Electricity, Transportation.
  • We have to strengthen our Law System and there should not be any loopholes.
  • We are going to list all the Tasks/Problems of India and resolve all...
  • Cleaning process will be implemented in all the departments and the entire system will start functioning in a correct direction.
  • We Can take countries like Singapore (or) USA as reference and we all together can work and make "India as a Totally Developed Country".
  • India ranks 136 on Human Development Index.
  • The Human Development Index (HDI) is a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education, standards of living, and quality of life for countries worldwide.
  • It is used to distinguish whether the country is a developed, a developing or an underdeveloped country, and also to measure the impact of economic policies on quality of life. The index was developed in 1990 by Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq and Indian economist Amartya Sen.