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14 Infrastructure Critical 98 Open Mar 5 2014 5:08PM Varatharajan All Indians   .. 3
Standard of Living and Clean up India
Great standard of living for ALL ... Clean up the entire Nation .... All the Indians should start Cleaning up India ... Wherever problems are actions should be taken ...
Task Actions
The Entire Nation need to be cleaned up...   
Clean up India Process was started by Honorable Prime Minister of India shri Narendra Modi. And All Indians should start cleaning up the environment ..   
Good to know that Oct 2nd as the India Cleaning Up Start Date ... Let us clean the entire Nation.... Not only for Government Employees ... Let the entire country start cleaning up the things...   

24 General Critical 85 Open Mar 7 2014 2:28PM Varatharajan All Indians   ..
Drug free India
The nation has to be drug free as you know it disables one's ability to think and work properly.

23 General Critical 75 Open Mar 7 2014 2:27PM Varatharajan All Indians   ..
Buy products made in India
Consumers need to buy products made in their own country to boost up the manufacturing industries.

40 General High 80 Open Mar 12 2014 4:04PM Varatharajan Government and All Indians   ..
RainWater Harvesting
With ground water level fast depleting, taking into account water level used by industries operating in various parts of India , The Government need to implement Rainwarer Harvesting Projects compulsorily and for making profitable industries to use a percentage of their profits for these projects.

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